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I worked for this attorney and witnessed first hand how she treated clients and her staff. I was at "ground zero" so I saw what really went on behind closed doors.

1. She did not return phone calls and had staff lie to clients and make up things to tell them....repeatedly.

2. She'd let a file sit and sit and sit and not address it and then turn around and make up something bad about the client and twist the lack of work and results in a way that the client was to blame.

3. She was always texting or on twitter talking about her hikes, what a great day it was but she would tell clients she was sick. She even told a client she would call them on the weekend (Saturday) as the client waited WEEKS to get a return call only to never call the client.

4. After she got a letter from the California State Bar she went back to her social media accounts and deleted her hikes and "fun" so that it aligned with her story that she she was going through a rough patch in her life. A lot of people go through rough patches, my friend is an accountant and lost her son to cancer and worked during her grieving process and traumatic event, she never lied to clients, took money and she worked hard and did her job.

5. Last I heard she was losing her office, was having financial issues (again) and the Cal State Bar finally has caught up to her. They should call her old clients during 2010, 2011 2012....using Court Records and interview them to see what is true....especially the ones that substituted out....there is a long paper trail of unhappy clients that she did wrong and I am sure they would all talk and support it with evidence.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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She over charged me by 24,000. Can we can a class action suit against her? If anyone is interested please contact me

California, United States #1035529

She handled a dissolution of marrige for my ex husband and I. This is a direct quote from a letter she sent:

" Please also note, as of your signature of the Judgement on August 20th, 2012, the filing fees with the court had increased from what I had quoted you many months ago.

I have covered the shortfall of your filing fees, as an additional extension of courtsey to you. Given your public complaining about the length of time your case has taken to reach completion, and your utter inability to accept responsibility for your own part in the delay, this office has no further professional courtesy to extend to you. Do not contact me with any request to mediate a time or place of exchange of your property. This office has no obligation to accommodate your schedule and no further patience to do so either."

This statement seems to coincide with your #2 bullet point.

I was trying to obtain my personal property which was not an easy fete, and what should have been a cake walk divorce took over two years.... she blamed me for my lack of action but clearly the short coming were on her end and her "UTTER INABILITY TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER OWN PART IN THE DELAY".

Irvine, California, United States #906732

She is an awful attorney. I had a very bad experience with her.

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